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In The Press: Padma Akula - A Palette Full of Fun

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For Padma, makeup isn't beauty; its play time. After years of dabbling in makeup as a hobby, she decided to up her game and completed a course from an experienced make up artiste to refine her skills. Read about Padma who surprises and delights us with her sensitive approach to beauty.

What does make up mean to Padma?

It is a creative, artistic form of expression...Make up to me is about releasing your inner artist, your inner child and your inner glamour. It is not about cruelty to animals, scamming women with products that don't work or creating an addictive buying frenzy.

Well said, Padma, but not everyone wants to be made up?

The woman who doesn't wear makeup is not a better woman, just a different kind of woman. But a woman who likes make up and wants to explore herself is not stereo-typically a bimbette. Nine out of ten days I don’t wear makeup but for me makeup is fun time, especially full coverage glamour makeovers. It’s an indulgence; excitement.

Where does this love stem from?

I love colours. I fell in love with shadow palettes at the age of nine. I vividly remember my first mini makeup kit brought in a small mall, in Kuala Lumpur. My first model - my dad. I did my first stage makeup at the age of 12 for a children’s show in an all boys school - I had no real skills but my uncle let me paint row of six year old boys, dressed in frocks. There was no looking back!

What came next?

Makeup had always been a hobby. After years of following my passion in theatre and film making in NZ, India and the US, I finally got some time to indulge in my other passion. I refined my skills as a makeup artist, and focused on makeovers. Besides bridal, proms and special occasions, I quite enjoy makeovers, the complete transformation and the surprise on my client's face is usually priceless.

What kind of experience can you offer those interested in coming to you?

Having worked in Indian cinema as assistant director, Theatre productions (in various roles, such as Writer, Director, Producer), fashion stylist for NZ bridal magazine; I have seen beauty and glamour in different quarters and perspectives, which has shaped my aesthetics.


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